Why Us?

SBA Small, Disadvantaged, Minority-Owned Business
NAICS: 541613, 519130, 541910, 541618, 541820, 561422
Node Motion is a digital intelligence and strategic consulting firm.

We bring scientific rigor and bleeding-edge technology to the art of shaping public perception. We decode the unique hopes, dreams, fears, motivations, and language of your audience and inspire them to action.

We’ve Built
Our Own Algorithm.

We Only Create
Data-Informed Content.


Our 50 years of combined experience in marketing and PR leverage data outputted by a bespoke software application developed in Python that models and predicts human behavior. Our team spent nearly 10 years engineering and refining an intelligence-gathering system that combines human ingenuity with advanced software solutions. This sophisticated system is what we call our algorithm.


Facebook, YouTube, Google—they’re all powered by incredibly sophisticated software models that mimic human learning by analyzing linguistic and behavioral trends. These models are called algorithms. You’ve probably heard the term. To compete on these platforms you need a counter-intelligence strategy that adopts the same technology—else you’re dragging ground troops through an air campaign.

History matters. For us, it all began with the music.

The 1st challenge

In the early 2000s, a small group of college students made up of computer geeks and digital music enthusiasts thought it would be a fun challenge to develop a system that could create new music by decoding the shared elements of popular songs. We wanted to backwards engineer a hit single using computer science instead of raw creativity. 

So, just for fun, we began work on a music-mining system that deconstructed Billboard hits from various genres from the past 30 years, to find patterns and anomolies within the songs. We had observed that the internet had obliterated the traditional gatekeepers of the music industry—people were finding new music on MySpace and Napster, bypassing big record labels and their advertising budgets. We thought, “What if we could use the intelligence from our system to help people independent artists get discovered?”


So we built a parallel system that housed an algorithm that processed thousands of nodes of music data to match music lovers with songs tailored to their unique, specific tastes—from artists they’ve yet to discover. As anyone who is passionate about music will tell you, this process is vastly more complicated than matching users with preferred genres. Our algorithm parsed countless variables in its mission to curate content users would enjoy: lyrical content (themes, emotional valence, word frequency), BPM/tempo, chord/harmonic structure, etc.  

That system became the back-end of a website we called IndieTitan. We hosted hundreds of independent artists and tens of thousands of songs. The goal of the site was to connect independent artists with potential fans by matching user interests with artists songs on our site. It was a very difficult and costly endeavor. 

In the mid 2000’s, as users and traffic to the site increased, a small group of investors purchased the platform. Through it all, we learned a lot about business, and more importantly, the value of content-curating algorithms in the global, digital economy. That takes us to today.

Shifting perceptions and inspiring action.

Building for the future

We built Node Motion on the premise that algorithms can decode human behavior. Everything we learned about audience targeting, pattern recognition, and predictive analysis could be applied to any industry. 

Just as we predicted the radical shifts in the music industry with the rise of Napster, we knew Facebook was going to take over the internet and forever change the way we engage with ideas and people online. 

We see each client, and each audience, as a unique mission—a puzzle we can solve through a rare synergy of data, science, technology, and art.

At a time when so many companies are struggling to make sense of the digital space, we bring an intimate familiarity and unrivaled expertise. We understand the internet behind the curtains

Node Motion serves a diverse array of companies and organizations, spanning from multi-billion dollar federal contractors to ragtag nonprofits pouring their hearts and souls into saving our world. We consult political campaigns on both sides of the aisle.

Our work has taken us from D.C. to New York, Los Angeles, Bangkok, and Amsterdam. We’re passionate about every project we take on because we love what we do. We specialize in working with companies like yours: companies with big dreams and pioneering ideas, who just need a guide to the digital world. 

Want to see some results?

We can guide you through the digital frontier.

SBA Small, Disadvantaged, Minority-Owned Business
NAICS: 541613, 519130, 541910, 541618, 541820, 561422