We help you develop more relevant content, grow your audience, expand your reach and find new potential customers with Attention Mining, a revolutionary data analytics technique that discovers the things your audience cares about.

Better Audience Targeting

Imagine for a second that you’ve acquired the impressive ability to read people’s minds and anticipate their every desire. Wouldn’t that make persuading them or writing content that gets their attention so much easier? You would be speaking to their deepest thoughts, feelings and concerns. How much power do you think that would give you over competitors? Attention Mining lets you do that.

At its core, it’s about getting into the mind of a target audience to uncover its pain points, concerns, and perceptions and then using those insights to develop more relevant content, grow your audience, expand your reach and get ROI on your digital marketing.

The great advantage it has over focus groups, polls, surveys and other market research techniques is that rather than gathering people’s opinions, it gathers objective data about their behavior. There are three problems with asking people their opinion about things:

  1. People often don’t know what they want
  2. Sample sizes are often small and thus not representative
  3. People will many times say what they think you want to hear or outright lie because they’re being compensated

All we have to do is look at the failures of polling during the 2016 presidential election to see the inherent danger in opinion gathering.

Because it’s based on analyzing people’s behavioral patterns rather than tracking opinion, Attention Mining gives companies like yours a whole new level of power to influence people.

How Attention Mining Works

Step #1

Audience perception discovery

This involves analyzing thousands of pieces of information and patterns on the Web related to our clients business. We have a series of proprietary algorithms that tell us what to look for. The information we gather paints a detailed picture of the pain points, concerns and perceptions related to our client’s audience.


Create text snippets based on findings of perception discovery

Perception discovery yields a lot of valuable information about an audience, but by itself is not enough to tell us what really motivates that audience. To get to that level of detail we have to further validate the findings by testing them on a real online audience consisting of hundreds of thousands of people. This level of scale can give us an accurate sense of what concepts the target audience feels the most strongly about.


Test text snippets on real online audience using proprietary algorithm

To do this we create hundreds of snippets of text containing the concepts discovered in the perception discovery phase and we then put them in front of hundreds of thousands of people online to see how they behave around the content. We track a few key metrics to gauge sentiment.


Use testing findings to guide content development

Finally, once we’ve gathered all the insights we need, we then use them to guide the development of new content. The power of this entire process lies in the ability it gives you to weave detailed and truly relevant ideas into new content. The great thing about it is that you’re not just using the usual plain vanilla market research demographic metrics like income, ethnic group, geographical region, etc. That stuff doesn’t translate into persuasive power because it doesn’t give you access to an audience’s most deeply felt concerns and feelings.

How It Will Help You



Our clients have seen an average increase of 25% for website click-throughs, product sales, email signups and time on site as a result of more relevant content.



Save thousands of dollars by bypassing inaccurate polls, surveys, questionnaires and focus groups that gather the opinions of only a handful of people rather than the collective intelligence of millions on the Internet. Our clients save an average of 35% more than with traditional marketing firms.


More Reach

When it comes to expanding their content’s reach, our clients have seen dramatic improvements of 45% on average.


More Time Saved

Eliminate time-consuming meetings and brainstorming sessions to plan what you need to write or say to engage potential customers. Our clients save an average of 65% more time due to our research.



Whether it’s content for ads, blogs or websites, our clients on average see an 80% increase in engagement.

Our Services

Our goal is to help you expand your reach, grow your audience and get ROI on your digital marketing. We would love for your content to be so good and so relevant to potential customers that they eat it up. They should read it, like it and share it. You work hard on your digital marketing and that’s the least you deserve.

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