You want results. Whether you’re a multi-billion dollar federal contractor with the weight of the U.S. government on your shoulders, a scrappy young tech startup looking to disrupt the digital space, or a small-but-strong nonprofit that will settle for nothing less than changing the world, you’re ultimately after the same thing: results.

Every proposal is unique because every client is unique. We will work with you to deliver exactly the experience your team needs to get results. Whether that’s a comprehensive audit of your social influence or a quick consultation on a new digital initiative, we’re here to offer data, content, and strategic guidance specifically-tailored to your unique needs.

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Our 3-Phase Plan

To maximize your ROI, we’ve developed a 3-phase methodology. This process allows us to capture data through our attention mining algorithm. Intensive social testing refines that data until we can say with scientific precision which images, themes, and emotional triggers resonate most powerfully with your audience.

We then use those findings to create compelling content micro-targeted to sectors of your audience, inspiring them to take action. The result: massive increases in audience engagement, brand equity, website traffic, revenue, or anything else you want.




Phase 1 : Audit

We audit your web and social presence and dig deep into your metrics. We identify patterns, trends, and anomalies in your data. Our attention mining algorithm processes that data and identifies specific emotional triggers, keywords, habits, and motivations that define your audience. This tells us how to get their attention.

We turn that data into a personalized, easy-to-follow plan and work together to set goals for increased reach, engagement, and conversions.

We provide a detailed report covering everything we’ve done and all the progress we’ve made toward our shared goals. These reports are full of comprehensive data and metrics, but we specialize in making them easy to understand.


Everything we do is driven by data and relentless testing of every facet of messaging. This allows us refine content over time, continually improving your ROI—long after we’ve surpassed our initial goals.

In this phase we develop a variety of personas that mirror your target audience. We then feed these audiences all the content we have, testing the efficacy of every data point revealed in the audit.

This allows us to discover exactly which words, images, and ideas speak to each segment of your audience—and which combinations work best for which call to action. The more test, the better your results.


Time to build your community and inspire them to action. By the time we reach this phase, we will have massively increased your reach and engagement. Now we begin creating the new content that drives people to convert—to take whatever action you’re looking to inspire. We will create any of the following kinds of content, tailored specifically for your niche audience and your unique goals.


Articles & Blogs


Press Releases & Brochures


Social Media Messaging


Email Campaigns


Social Media Trainings


Google Ad Campaigns


Infographic Data Reports




Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns


Digital Fundraising Campaigns


Videos for FB & Instagram

You Need Results. We can help.

Node Motion delivers results no one else can. Whatever your unique goals are, we will work together to create a custom strategy tailored to your needs. Whether you need a quick audit of your digital influence or a years-long investment in your brand architecture and data integration, Node Motion can help you find precisely the solution you’re the looking for. Reach out to us for a free 30 minute consultation.

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Our Report Card

Traditional marketing agencies waste your money trying to force archaic advertising principles into the digital space. It doesn’t work. This is why they deliver pathetic results.

Everything we produce is driven by data, derived from our algorithm, tested rigorously, and precisely targeted to your audience. The result is ROI traditional marketing agencies can’t even fathom. Learn more about what we’ve done for our clients.