Our goal is to help you expand your reach, grow your audience and get ROI on your digital marketing.


We would love for your content to be so good and so relevant to potential customers that they eat it up. They should read it, like it and share it. You work hard on your digital marketing and that’s the least you deserve. The charts below explain in detail what we offer. It’s quite simple.

The backbone of our service is the advanced data analytics we provide, called Attention Mining. This is where we do extensive research on your audience to figure out what they truly care about; what kinds of things they think about and are concerned about.

We’ve wrapped this process up into a package called the Evolution Package, which also includes things like meetings and reporting; all things you’ll need to ensure great results.

We use the insights gleaned from the Attention Mining research to develop compelling content for you. We consider content creation an add-on to the Evolution Package because you can choose to write your own content using the Attention Mining insights we provide to you.

However, we strongly advise clients to let us develop content to ensure maximum success.



The minimum contract length we offer is 6 months, with a 5% discount for clients who sign on for a year. If you’d like to purchase just the Attention Mining and use it to write your own content, that’s fine, however, we often advise clients to let us develop content for them because this ensures that Attention Mining insights are effectively applied to new content. You’re likely to get the most engagement from your content this way and consequently the most bang for your buck.

Evolution Package


1 Meeting

We do an initial intake meeting where we sit down with your team to discuss expectations and what you’re trying to achieve.


Perception Discovery

We would use our complex proprietary algorithms to analyze thousands of pieces of information and patterns about your audience on the Web. This would give us a sense of what kinds of pain points and concerns members of your audience have.


Proprietary Testing and Analysis

We would develop hundreds of different variations of the concepts discovered during Perception Discovery. Then we would use unique proprietary algorithms to test them live on hundreds of thousands of members of your audience on social media. This would give us an idea of how strongly the audience feels about their pain points and concerns


Bi-weekly Actionable Intelligence Report, 12 Reports over 6-month period

All of the insights discovered through our research is packaged into a series of beautiful, easy to understand reports. They include graphs and simple explanations of what we discovered during the Perception Discovery and Proprietary Testing and Analysis phases. These are ongoing reports to ensure that you’re always in the know about your audience’s changing sentiments. If you’d prefer to develop your own content, you’ll be using these reports to guide you.


12 sessions over 6-month period

We want to make sure that you fully understand the insights in our Actionable Intelligence Reports. Every two weeks, we’ll do a conference call/screen presentation with you to walk you through every single detail of our research and how it will be used to develop compelling, new content.


As Needed or as Specified by Client


Package Add-ons

If you’d like, you can develop your own content using the insights and recommendations provided in the Actionable Intelligence Reports. However, we advise clients to let us develop content for them as it ensures that insights from the Actionable Intelligence Reports are applied properly to produce maximum success.

We would use the findings from our research to guide the development of compelling, new content for you. We can develop short form content like social media posts or longer-form content like blog posts. The power of this entire process lies in the ability it gives us to weave detailed and truly relevant data into your new content.

Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

We will use the findings from our Attention Mining to write engaging, relevant social media content. Our goal here is to get people to like and share your content as widely as possible. We focus primarily on Facebook because it’s the largest and most important social network out there. But we also do Twitter and Instagram. We’ll write content and if you would like, also post it for you.

Articles, Blog posts (500-700 words)

Attention Mining is great for long form content too. We’ll write the content for you or if you prefer, we can give you the results of our Attention Mining research so that you can write blog posts and articles yourself.

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