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SBA Small, Disadvantaged, Minority-Owned Business // NAICS: 541613, 519130, 541910, 541618, 541820, 561422

Core Competencies

We leverage digital technology to amplify traditional outreach.

Node Motion specializes in reaching, engaging, and converting niche audiences. Our team spent nearly 10 years engineering and refining an intelligence-gathering system that combines human ingenuity with advanced software solutions. 

Conversions are our ultimate metric of success. While conversions take on diverse forms across the many industries we work in, they are generated through three distinct channels. Conversions through these three channels are our core competency.

Generating Phone Calls from Search Engines
Generating Leads from Social Media
Optimizing Conversion Rates from Email Lists


We generate phone calls with a single click. Our precision targeting methodologies ensure every person who calls is a highly qualified lead. Our content, audience targeting, and behind‐the‐scenes work with Google ensures people call precisely at the moment of conversion–when they are directly searching for exactly what you offer.


We convert highly targeted audiences on social media to red-hot leads. We collect their contact information (name, address, phone number, email) directly from our ads. We pass these refined leads to your sales, fundraising, or beneficiary service teams. Our specialization in social media algorithms allows us to target, reach, engage, and convert audiences with scientific precision.


We transform your email list into an ROI‐generating machine. Beginning with your unique conversion point in mind, we engineer email campaigns that maximize open rates, click‐throughs, and ultimately conversions. We multiply results by using our social media and search engine algorithm expertise to test thousands of variations of subject lines, images, body copy, buttons, templates, and calls‐to‐action, while we tailor each message to convert.

Audience Specializations

There is no room for human error (or human prejudice) in our data-first approach.

Node Motion specializes in niche and hard-to-reach audiences. We’re uniquely able to target audiences traditional marketing and advertising agencies cannot capture. One reason many agencies fail at reaching these audiences is because they assume these groups are monoliths. We use an advanced intelligence-gathering system that combines human ingenuity with advanced software solutions, to decrypt how content-curating algorithms, from Facebook to Google, translate, interpret, rank, and share messages for each audience we engage. 

Note: these audiences are not mutually exclusive; we can engage Spanish-speaking Veterans with disabilities over the age of 65… or anyone else, for that matter.

Military Families
People with Disabilities
Native Spanish Speakers
Policy and Advocacy Groups


Node Motion has extensive experience reaching, engaging, and converting members of the U.S. Military on digital platforms. Military language and identity can be challenging for outsiders to understand, and misinformed approaches to engaging this audience can alienate the people you’re after and devastate the ROI of a campaign. To this challenge, Node Motion brings data, relationships, and direct counsel from a network of distinguished veterans.


We are a leading expert in reaching, engaging, and converting people with disabilities on digital platforms. Through our work with the Social Security Administration, we have discovered the precise audience targeting matrices and content themes that convert this unique audience. Today, federal regulations and social media internal policies make direct targeting of people with disabilities impossible, and nearly all content related to disability benefits or employment opportunities are instantly flagged and removed. Our specialized knowledge allows us to successfully reach this audience despite these significant obstacles. This is why our campaigns for people with disabilities produce results that are unmatched in the industry.


America is home to the second-largest Spanish-speaking population in the world, right behind Mexico. (Consider this: America is home to more Spanish-speakers than Spain.) Demographic trends indicate this population will continue to grow, rapidly. Yet, Spanish-speakers are often neglected and underserved in the mass market. (Did you know Latinos are the fastest growing population in the US Military?) Converting Spanish-speakers is more complex than translating English content into Spanish. A robust and high-ROI Spanish acquisition strategy must understand the unique cultures, beliefs, and linguistic distinctives of diverse Spanish-speaking populations. This is where Node Motion has a competitive edge: we understand both the subtleties of Spanish-language as well as the technical mechanism by which algorithms rank and serve Spanish content. 

Today, seniors are among the fastest growing demographics in many digital arenas. From Facebook and Twitter accounts to Google searches to smartphone and tablet usage, seniors are adopting new technology. However, there is a persistent myth that older generations cannot be acquired through digital campaigns. This false belief provides us an incredible competitive advantage over companies lagging behind technology trends. While seniors today are rapidly adopting digital technology, there are shared apprehensions among this demographic that pose unique challenges to the prospect of digital conversion. We uniquely understand, empathize with, and overcome the concerns of our senior audiences.


We have diverse experience working alongside policy and advocacy groups dedicated to a range of social, political, religious, and economic causes. Our team specializes in decoding the unique linguistic patterns inherent to in-groups and subcultures, and we understand how search engine and social media algorithms pair distinct phraseology with narrowly targeted audiences. This is why we are able to generate unparalleled results for groups united in their passion for a cause. 

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SBA Small, Disadvantaged, Minority-Owned Business // NAICS: 541613, 519130, 541910, 541618, 541820, 561422