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SBA Small, Disadvantaged, Minority-Owned Business // NAICS: 541613, 519130, 541910, 541618, 541820, 561422

What makes us a digital intelligence and strategic consulting firm? 

We bring scientific rigor and bleeding-edge technology to the art of shaping public perception. We decode the unique hopes, dreams, fears, motivations, and language of your audience and inspire them to action.

We’ve Built
Our Own Algorithm.

We Only Create
Data-Informed Content.


Our 50 years of combined experience in marketing and PR leverage data outputted by a bespoke software application developed in Python that models and predicts human behavior. Our team spent nearly 10 years engineering and refining an intelligence-gathering system that combines human ingenuity with advanced software solutions. This sophisticated system is what we call our algorithm.


Facebook, YouTube, Google—they’re all powered by incredibly sophisticated software models that mimic human learning by analyzing linguistic and behavioral trends. These models are called algorithms. You’ve probably heard the term. To compete on these platforms you need a counter-intelligence strategy that adopts the same technology—else you’re dragging ground troops through an air campaign.

What everyone else does.
Most marketing and advertising agencies rely on strategies designed long before the advent of today’s digital intelligence technology.
The problem with most digital marketing is it misapplies traditional strategies and techniques that do not work in the digital sector. The traditional marketing approach is called a “funnel.” In this funnel, users hop across platforms and channels, taking incremental steps toward the ultimate call‐to‐action: what we call “conversion.”

This results in lost leads and low return‐on‐investment because each section of the funnel is an obstacle for the user to overcome. At each stage, most users drop off. In the end, only a small fraction of leads ever make it to the conversion point. Essentially, every obstacle in the user’s journey forces away most of the audience, until only a few remain… who hopefully convert.

That’s their plan. But imagine if that strategy was employed anywhere else. Imagine 1,000 shoppers walk into your grocery store, but only 10 of them make a purchase before leaving. Absurd, right? You’d consider that a disastrous waste of opportunity. The same principle applies in the digital marketplace.

While this strategy may have been the best approach available many years ago, it is wasteful and cannot produce results that compete with strategies incorporating today’s digital technology. Today, we have much more sophisticated audience intelligence tools and targeting algorithms to guide the process. 

What we do differently.
At Node Motion, we eliminate the funnel. Our audiences convert directly through our ads. There are no intermediary steps, no platform changes, and no wasted leads.

At Node Motion, we have backwards-engineered an algorithm that speaks the same language as Facebook and Google. This uniquely allows us to bypass the traditional “marketing funnel” that kills the ROI of most companies. 

We collect all the necessary data, audience insights, and targeting parameters at the front-end… whereas other companies attempt to slowly uncover these insights by forcing their audience through “the funnel,” losing people (and ROI) along the way. No funnel—just direct conversions. We generate real ROI directly through our ads. Click. Convert.

The moment a user engages with our ads, they take the only action you need to measure: conversion. For example, your audience clicks on our ad and is immediately and directly connected to you via telephone.

We are able to do this because we front-load all our audience intelligence and targeting parameters, before users are drawn into engagement with our content. We only reach and engage the people we already know will convert. 

Learn about our results.
Client Testimonials.
Whether you’re a multi-billion dollar federal contractor with the weight of the U.S. government on your shoulders, a scrappy young tech startup looking to disrupt the digital space, or a small-but-strong nonprofit that will settle for nothing less than changing the world, you’re ultimately after the same thing: results. Node Motion delivers results that defy expectations. Here’s what a few of our clients had to say about us.
Employees: 34,000
Revenue: $2,390,000,000
“Dramatic Increases”
Node Motion is largely responsible for dramatic increases in traffic to the Ticket website and social media channels, including organic traffic through various search engines. Node Motion is easy to work with, thorough, detailed in its approach and reporting, and effectively communicates their recommended approach and ensuing results in a way that provides true actionable value to the program. Node Motion has been a true game-changer in moving the Ticket program towards an effective, efficient and impactful communications approach, and therefore has my full endorsement.
5.5 million Members
Revenue: $412,233,508
“Exceptionally Skilled”
The invaluable education and details [Data] provided by Node Motion brought the NRA sales staff up to speed quickly and efficiently, and today advertising on the websites number in the millions of dollars. The valuable skills Node Motion brought to this project have allowed the National Rifle Association to function at a much higher level when contacting its membership and the general public, as well as enhancing revenue flow significantly. I recommend this company, without reservation.

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SBA Small, Disadvantaged, Minority-Owned Business // NAICS: 541613, 519130, 541910, 541618, 541820, 561422