We believe the inability to get consumers’ attention is the greatest threat facing businesses in the modern digital era.

Why Us?

We’re digital marketing experts. Our data analytics techniques are based on a deep understanding of the new economics of attention. And our algorithms were developed through years of real-world use. The techniques we use are scientifically sound and borrow from fields like linguistics, biology, psychology and computer science.

On top of all this, we’ve produced over $22 million in digital revenue for companies, created over $15 million worth of advertising, captured over 425,000 emails and developed audiences of over 18 million people across numerous social media properties.

What We Provide

We help your brand and its content get noticed. More specifically, we use Attention Mining to discover the things that your audience cares about so you can develop more relevant content, grow your audience, expand your reach and find new customers.

Who We Are

We began noticing the decline of the traditional music business in the mid-2000s and decided to take advantage of it. We knew that because of all the cheap, new music production technologies, there were going to be a lot of new independent music artists bypassing the major record labels and going it alone in an attempt to gain stardom.

We also knew that all these people would need a place to promote and sell their music. In 2007 we developed an algorithm that would curate and recommend their music to fans. The platform we developed, called IndieTitan, was designed exclusively for indie music artists. Within 3 months of launching it, the site gained 3,000 new music artists who uploaded 20,000 songs.

A local paper called the Fairfax Times found IndieTitan so interesting that they wrote a story about us. We also launched an online publication around that time so that independent artists could have a place to read our advice and our analysis of the trends in the new digital economy that were affecting the music business.

The analysis of the new economy that we provided was so spot on that the site got the attention of the Harvard Business Review.The music curation algorithms we developed were designed to analyze components of songs – like lyrics – and then recommend the songs to the fans who were most likely to enjoy them.

These algorithms gave rise to the sophisticated data analytics technique that we now call Attention Mining. An early client of ours was the National Rifle Association, which needed help reaching new people and getting its membership more engaged.

What We Believe

Contrary to what many people think, the most pressing problems facing business today don’t have to do with innovation and solving hard technical problems. The greatest challenge for businesses in our information-saturated age is getting people’s attention.

Ours is an age where because there is an overabundance of information in people’s daily lives, attention spans are measured in seconds. And with everybody looking for the next information dopamine hit, if your message doesn’t capture their attention within seconds, your brand gets quickly drowned out by competing content.

With the invasion of electronic screens into our lives, the biggest question on everyone’s mind is “What do I pay attention to next?” And that poses a serious existential threat to businesses because without attention, marketing and sales grind to a halt.

The standard marketing, PR and sales techniques are largely obsolete. Much of the world of business and government is beginning to recognize this but doesn’t know what to do about it. Everybody kind of senses that they have to jump on the social media bandwagon or get left behind but many don’t really understand why.

Most try to bring the marketing and sales techniques of the 20th century online, but it just doesn’t work. The companies that are trying to develop technological solutions to this problem are also doing the same.

We saw the need for a different kind of technology to meet this challenge and that required a different kind of company. That’s why we founded Node Motion.

How We Can Help

We help you grow your audience, develop more relevant content, expand your reach and get ROI on your digital marketing with Attention Mining, an advanced data analytics technique that discovers the things your audience cares about.

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