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Node Motion has decoded digital marketing. Our team has developed an algorithm that extracts insights from the behaviors of millions of users on the web. We have devised a testing methodology that harnesses the power of social media to crowdsource audience beliefs, preferences, affiliations, motivations, and desires.

This allows our team to create content that inspires people to act—to buy a product, make a donation, or champion a cause. We do this with scientific precision. And we have a team unlike anything else in our space—a team that uniquely merges cutting-edge computer science with tried-and-tested marketing fundamentals. This is why we guarantee results no one else can touch.

We believe this is the future of marketing.

The Node Motion team consistently delivers ROI our clients have never dreamt possible. We owe our success to a few key distinctives.

1. Our Attention Mining Algorithm.

We tapped into the power of the algorithm in the early 2000s—as we watched the music industry collapse. We watched hundreds of music companies go down in flames, hopelessly scrambling to stay relevant in the emerging digital age. Businesses that adapted thrived, killing off weaker competitors and stealing their market share. Most businesses, though… they got gutted. In the midst of this chaos, we saw potential.

We saw the massive influx of new independent artists bypassing traditional record labels in their pursuit of stardom. We knew technology was on their side. With the advent of social media and peer-to-peer file sharing, musicians could reach out directly to their audience. They just needed a little help.

This is why we created IndieTitan, a pioneering website that allowed independent artists to promote and sell their music directly to fans. Our site was powered by a content-curating algorithm that analyzed people’s music preferences to pair them with artists they’d love.

A win-win for musicians and fans—and a massive demonstration of the power of our algorithm. Within a few months we had thousands of artists sharing more than 20,000 songs with their fans, we scored a mention in the Harvard Business Review, and we were featured in an article in the Fairfax Times.

Over the next few years we refined our algorithm, calling it attention mining. We learned how to apply its power to other companies—for fundraising, product sales, and building audiences of brand ambassadors. That technology, perfected over years, is the heart of Node Motion.

2. Our Founding Principle: Test Everything.

We never make creative decisions we cannot defend with data. We don’t guess. We don’t risk your future on impulse or arbitrary whim. We test everything, and that allows us to deliver proven results.

3. Our Diverse Skills and Experience.

The Node Motion team consists of computer scientists, data analysts, coders, researchers, technical and creative writers, graphic designers, web developers, and UX architects. Combined, we have decades of experience across multiple disciplines. Our skills and experiences complement one another, forming a team that uniquely embraces science and art, data and creativity.

We are pioneers in a new kind of marketing.

Today, attention spans are measured in seconds. Smartphones process thousands of lines of code and parse millions of sets of data in the time it takes you to read a sentence—and that computing power is the fuel of the new attention economy. In this new world, archaic marketing and PR practices don’t work.

Companies (perhaps like yours) are burning money in their futile attempt to harness 21st century technology using advertising principles gleaned from the 1960s. Their work is destined to fail. We believe these companies can thrive in this new digital age—if they adapt.

Node Motion has discovered a way forward. We have developed our own attention mining algorithm. We test everything. We have unlocked the potential of computational power merged with creative passion, fundraising expertise, psychological insights, and marketing savvy. We can help you thrive while your competitors get left in the dust.

We believe this is the future.

Oscar Benjamin
Principal, Node Motion

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Jeff Bezos | CEO of Amazon.com

“All failed companies are the same: They failed to escape competition.”

Peter Thiel | Co-founder Of PayPal

“Experts often possess more data than judgment.”

Colin Powell | Retired Four-Star General

What Sets Us Apart

Every time you try to share your message online, you’re locked into a cutthroat competition for the world’s scarcest resource: attention. And because attention is so scarce, it is incredibly valuable—not just to you, but to the digital behemoths whose algorithms control whether anyone will ever see your content or not.

“Remember, the last two U.S. presidents were elected because social media brought their voice directly to their audience.”

In the age of the algorithm, capturing attention online is lucrative business. This is why corporations like Facebook and Google are so successful. Their algorithms control your fate. If you don’t understand how algorithms work, your message will be drowned out in the chaos of the internet. Sure, you can throw more and more money into the machine and buy your way into the spotlight—but it’s inefficient and ineffective.

“Just look at all the mega corporations with millions of Facebook ‘followers’ with nothing to show for it—no engagement, no brand equity, no ROI.”

It takes more than a monstrous ad budget to build an audience of advocates. Just look at all the mega corporations with millions of Facebook “followers” with nothing to show for it—no engagement, no brand equity, no ROI. In fact, more often than not, these purchased “fans” never even see the content in question. The money used to acquire them might as well have been thrown in the furnace.

“While traditional marketing agencies are at the mercy of Facebook and Google, we know how to use their algorithms to your advantage.”

How does Node Motion cut through the competition? How do we deliver results no one else can touch?

Easy. We understand algorithms. In fact, we’ve built our own. Our attention mining algorithm is thousands of lines of sophisticated code designed to discover niche audiences, decode their interests and motivations, and produce content that keeps them engaged in your mission.

While traditional marketing agencies are at the mercy of Facebook and Google, we know how to use their algorithms to your advantage.

Our Report Card

Traditional marketing agencies waste your money trying to force archaic advertising principles into the digital space. It doesn’t work. This is why they deliver pathetic results.

Everything we produce is driven by data, derived from our algorithm, tested rigorously, and precisely targeted to your audience. The result is ROI traditional marketing agencies can’t even fathom. Learn more about what we’ve done for our clients.