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Relevance. Engagement. Trust. Conversion.

These four simple elements are the key to ROI in the digital sphere. It’s the secret to growing your audience and inspiring them to act. And while it is incredibly simple in concept, proper execution requires a deep knowledge of how the internet works behind the scenes and how content-curating algorithms control the fate of everything you post online on any platform.

Converting users in the digital space requires targeting and retargeting your audience through the RETC sequence.
Every platform has its own tracking and targeting algorithms.

You’re never just “on the internet.” You’re always in a carefully cultivated ecosystem designed to siphon profit off your engagement.

For example,  you’re using Google’s search engine on Google’s chrome browser, visiting a website that tracks your movement and shares it with content producers through Google Analytics. The algorithms control it all.

With skillful execution of this straightforward strategy, you will master the algorithms that control your competitors. 


Does your audience want the content you’re sharing?

That’s the key question. 

All successful marketing and messaging strategies begin with relevanceDon’t let the simplicity or obviousness of this principle fool you.

Many companies are shocked to learn that their core audience simply doesn’t care about anything they share. Sure, they might like your product—your shoes, your cookies, your graphics cards, or even your charitable cause—but they don’t like what you have to say.

Does that matter? Yes! Why? Because a competitor who also has a great product is going to come along and captivate their attention with a message that connects. And, they will have some help. 

In today’s digital world, curation algorithms ensure people see the content they are most likely to engage with. That means, the more relevant your message, the more people you reach… and the less it costs to do it. Irrelevant content? You’re going to break the bank while you fade into obscurity.

So, how do you ensure your content is relevant? 

Here’s a simple hack: ask yourself if your content looks like your audience’s Google searches. If not, your content is irrelevant.

The algorithms that govern the internet’s largest platforms aren’t going to bother shoving it in front of your audience. But if your content matches the content your audience is already searching for, the algorithm seizes upon the win-win-win scenario of serving your audience with exactly what they want. 


You’ve determined what your audience wants—now you need to produce the content that invites them into a conversation with you. This is engagement: anything that gets your audience interacting at a high rate, in a positive way, with your brand or message. 

Engagement is the bridge between relevance and trust. This means all your content needs to accomplish here is relevance and trustworthiness.

Pause for a second and think about that.

If your content is relevant and cultivates trust, it’s doing 100% of its job here. What does that mean? 

It means engaging content doesn’t need to be crammed full of jargon, corporate soundbites, direct sales pitches, or your CEO’s top 3 most beloved topics.

Too many companies miss the value of engagement entirely, and they end up producing content that is neither relevant nor trust-building. So this is where everything falls apart. 


Trust is the natural consequence of positive engagement over time. As people interact with your brand, you have countless opportunities to cultivate trust in your audience.

This is a crucial step many companies overlook. Why? Because people falsely believe that once a customer is hooked, they will be loyal forever. Not true! Especially not in today’s highly competitive, hyper-saturated world where the consumer has endless options scientifically formulated to appeal to them. Trust must be earned and kept. 


Conversion is the end goal of your customer journey. It’s making the sale, securing the donation, or landing the partnership. Whatever the final prize is for your business, here’s where you win it. 

There’s no shortcut here. If you try to skip relevance, engagement, and trust, your conversion rates will plummet, your sales will dwindle, and your content will get sucked into an internet black hole never to be seen again.

The fact is, you can’t trick the algorithm. If the algorithm determines your content is not relevant, no one will even see it. If the algorithm determines your content is not engaging, no one will ever see it.

If the algorithm determines your audience cannot trust you, no one will ever see another thing you post. You’ll have thousands of paid clicks and purchased likes, streams of “organic traffic” and not a single thing to show for it. 

Do not try to bypass the algorithm. 

Instead, master it. Learn what it wants and provide exactly that: relevance, engagement, and trust. Do that and the algorithm will serve up your content on a silver platter to as many people as it can. That’s how you get conversions in the digital space. 

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