Node Motion is a digital intelligence and strategic consulting firm. We bring scientific rigor and bleeding-edge technology to the art of shaping public perception. We decode the unique hopes, dreams, fears, motivations, and language of your audience and inspire them to action.

Core Competencies

We leverage digital technology to amplify traditional outreach.
Generating Phone Calls from Search Engines
Generating Leads from Social Media
Optimizing Conversion Rates from Email Lists

Conversions are our ultimate metric of success. While conversions take on diverse forms across the many industries we work in, they are generated through three distinct channels. Conversions through these three channels are our core competency.

Key Differentiators

What everyone else does.

Most marketing and advertising agencies rely on strategies designed long before the advent of today’s digital intelligence technology.

What we do.

At Node Motion, we eliminate the funnel. Our audiences convert directly through our ads. There are no intermediary steps, no platform changes, and no wasted leads.

Who’s Your Audience?
Here’s a secret no one else will tell you: the algorithm is your audience.

Very few people understand how to reach an audience in the digital age. How could they? That requires decoding the most complex algorithms ever engineered. Here’s a secret no one else will tell you: the algorithm is your audience. 

Before you reach any flesh-and-blood people on the other side of the digital divide, you need to master the science of serving content to the all-powerful algorithms that control the internet.

Audience Specializations
There is no room for human error (or human prejudice) in our data-first approach.
Military Families
People with Disabilities
Native Spanish Speakers
Policy and Advocacy Groups

Node Motion specializes in niche and hard-to-reach audiences. We’re uniquely able to target audiences traditional marketing and advertising agencies cannot capture. One reason many agencies fail at reaching these audiences is because they assume these groups are monoliths. We use an advanced intelligence-gathering system that combines human ingenuity with advanced software solutions, to decrypt how content-curating algorithms, from Facebook to Google, translate, interpret, rank, and share messages for each audience we engage. 

Note: these audiences are not mutually exclusive; we can engage Spanish-speaking Veterans with disabilities over the age of 65… or anyone else, for that matter.

Client Testimonials.
Whether you’re a multi-billion dollar federal contractor with the weight of the U.S. government on your shoulders, a scrappy young tech startup looking to disrupt the digital space, or a small-but-strong nonprofit that will settle for nothing less than changing the world, you’re ultimately after the same thing: results. Node Motion delivers results that defy expectations. Here’s what a few of our clients had to say about us.
Employees: 34,000
Revenue: $2,390,000,000
“Dramatic Increases”
Node Motion is largely responsible for dramatic increases in traffic to the Ticket website and social media channels, including organic traffic through various search engines. Node Motion is easy to work with, thorough, detailed in its approach and reporting, and effectively communicates their recommended approach and ensuing results in a way that provides true actionable value to the program. Node Motion has been a true game-changer in moving the Ticket program towards an effective, efficient and impactful communications approach, and therefore has my full endorsement.
5.5 million Members
Revenue: $412,233,508
“Exceptionally Skilled”
The invaluable education and details [Data] provided by Node Motion brought the NRA sales staff up to speed quickly and efficiently, and today advertising on the websites number in the millions of dollars. The valuable skills Node Motion brought to this project have allowed the National Rifle Association to function at a much higher level when contacting its membership and the general public, as well as enhancing revenue flow significantly. I recommend this company, without reservation.
Learn about our results.
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