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We live in an information-saturated world where attention spans are measured in seconds. We’ve developed the secret to helping your company’s content get attention, create engagement and reach new audiences.


We Connect The Right Audiences With The Right Content.

A Few of Our Clients

More Effective Digital Marketing

With the over abundance of information, the hardest part of marketing and PR in today’s digital economy isn’t producing the content, but getting people to pay attention to it. For that to happen, content has to be highly relevant to consumers’ lives.

Node Motion is building a future where businesses and government gain deeper insight into the people that make up their audiences so they can develop more relevant content that inspires people to take action.

Powered By Smarter Data Analysis

At Node Motion, we’ve developed a powerful new data analysis technique called Attenion Mining that lets us get into the minds of your target audiences to discover the things they care about. This unique proprietary system helps organizations across America develop more relevant content, build better relationships, expand their reach and find new potential customers.

Driven By A Bold Mission

Our dream is to reshape the future of digital marketing for businesses and government by using algorithms to mine human intentions and beliefs.


Our services are designed to address the most challenging aspects of getting attention and finding new potential customers in today’s complex and fast-paced digital economy. Our advanced data analytics techniques help you discover the hidden ideas and beliefs that motivate your audience.

How It Will Help You


More Reach

When it comes to expanding their content’s reach, our clients have seen dramatic improvements of 45% on average.


More Content Engagement

Whether it’s content for ads, blogs or websites, our clients on average see an 85% increase in engagement.


More Conversions From Content

Our clients have seen an average increase of 25% for website click-throughs, product sales, email signups and time on site as a result of more relevant content.


More Time Saved

Eliminate time-consuming meetings and brainstorming sessions to plan what you need to write or say to engage potential customers. Our clients save an average of 65% more time due to our research.


More Money Saved

Save thousands of dollars by bypassing inaccurate polls, surveys, questionnaires and focus groups that gather the opinions of only a handful of people rather than the collective intelligence of millions on the Internet. Our clients save an average of 35% more than with traditional marketing firms.

Success Stories

You’re in good company.
Here’s what a few of our clients
had to say about us.

The valuable skills Node Motion brought to this project have allowed the National Rifle Association to function at a much higher level when contacting its membership and the general public, as well as enhancing revenue flow significantly. I recommend this company, without reservation.


Executive Director, The NRA

For us, Node Motion was a life saver really. We were completely lost about how to get noticed and bring in business with content marketing. Attention Mining helped us figure out what the small business owners we were targeting cared about and what we should be writing about even at the level of actual sentences. Great company!


Director of Marketing, AOE

How We Can Help

We help you grow your audience, develop more relevant content, expand your reach and get ROI on your digital marketing with Attention Mining, an advanced data analytics technique that discovers the things your audience cares about.

Small, Minority Owned, Disadvantaged Business

Our NAICS codes are 541613 | 519130 | 541910 | 541618 | 541820